Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Elias Adam and New Blog Direction

Elias Adam is here :)

After 5 weeks on hospital bed rest, 4 days dilated 6cm and nonproductive contractions, and finally 3 hours of 'real' labor and 13 minutes of pushing, my precious rainbow baby came into the world at 29 weeks and 2 days - screaming, pink and wiggly! He was 3 lbs 6 oz and 16 inches long. He's doing well in the NICU.

I want to now return this blog to baby Brie. It kind of turned into a subsequent pregnancy blog there for awhile, but that's not really what I intended it to be. This blog is a spot to remember Gabriella and my miscarriage baby, and to get out my thoughts related to the ongoing grief I experience after losing them. You may not want to read this blog if you are easily depressed or offended. :) I don't intend to censor to make things 'positive' or make myself look tough. Just FYI.

I just set up these blogs TODAY - so there is nothing on them. But if you would like to follow Eli's NICU journey and (hopefully at some point) see a collection of NICU and bed rest/high risk pregnancy resources, you will be able to do so at http://livingtheniculife.blogspot.com . I also set up a family blog, http://dilsfamily.blogspot.com for the happy, day-to-day, normal family stuff! Hopefully I will get those all going sooner rather than later.

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