Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Abnormal NT Scan

I got a call from my perinatologist letting me know the results of my NT scan. As it turns out this baby has a very increased risk of having a chromosomal abnormality - 1:138. Very high for a woman of 22 years. I'm so worried. So worried. I had a feeling to have the NT done, when I felt no need to do it with Brie. I'm worried that that was intuition, the Spirit, whatever telling me to do it, because something is wrong with my precious baby. I know the chances are good that nothing is wrong, but. But. I'm terrified. I love this baby and of course want this baby with all my heart regardless of the outcome. And I was so blessed to have Brie. So blessed. She is such an amazing spirit, and I know that. But I just need one. One special spirit. But if another is sent my way, I will of course welcome him or her with open and loving arms. So there is nothing I can do.. I'm just in an extreme part of the perpetual parenting cycle. Worry and wait. Worry and wait.

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  1. Hey! I didn't know you started a blog, I'm glad you commented on my blog though so I could read your blog! I wonder all the time how you are doing... and I'm glad I could read all of this. I think its really good that you started a blog to talk about these things. Just remember if you ever need anything, you can call me or text me!Love you Lee!