Friday, April 17, 2009

Another Dream

I had another super scary dream last night. I was in labor, I'm not sure how far along I was, but I did know that it was earlier than I had Gabriella. For some reason I was back in St. George, and I knew their NICU was only a Level II and couldn't do anything for such a micro-preemie. I was freaking out and yelling and asking why I wasn't being transferred and why I wasn't getting steroids for the baby's lungs - and no one cared! Everyone was just laughing at the crazy lady in labor. And the baby was born and I couldn't see him or her until he/she was safe and sound in the NICU... and it was a girl! But then they mixed up the babies and that wasn't my baby at all.. mine was a boy! Weird?! Yeah. Scary?! Yeah.

In other news I think we've reached a decision on whether to do an amnio to get a definitive diagnosis for whether or not this baby has a chromosomal abnormality. We decided that if it's going to take a diagnosis to get the health care we need to make sure this baby gets here safely, then we're going to do it. If not, if we can still be treated as if we had a diagnosis with just the positive screening, then we won't take the risk.

On the brighter side, if the baby cooperates during the level II ultrasound, we might be able to find out if it's a boy or a girl! At 15 and a half weeks - yay!

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